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Our Story

From Blogging to Baking:
The journey of my love for food

I started my journey as a food blogger in 2015, which was purely a passion project for me to journal the mountains of content I was sitting on of all my food chronicles. This page was called Food Overload - synonymous to my ceaseless cravings. 


Over the years, my interest in developing dessert recipes peaked. I come from a family of feeders, who barely need a reason to eat, share and celebrate good food. That was when the traction towards my home-baked goods organically built. Finally, many cake testings and samples later, what began as a small craving for me turned into a new endeavor. I Just Baked aims to serve premium quality eggless desserts; something my loved ones and I would relish eating ourselves.

Please join us and dig in!

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Isha Jhaveri

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